Night-Vision Goggles

Man of Earth,
An angel said,
With night-vision goggles on,
What do you see
In the dark?

A man on a red horse
     standing among trees,
Four horns chased nigh
     by four craftsmen,
A man with a tape ready
     to measure the world,
A filthy high priest cleaned
     and clothed afresh,
A golden lamp stand
     flanked by olive trees,
A giant flying paper scroll
     consuming a thief's home,
A woman sitting in a basket
     carried aloft by storks,
And four chariots flying high
     between bronze mountains.

All visions told,
Child of God,
An angel asked,
What do you know
In the light of day?

Only what I hear
God Say:
Return to Me
And to you
I will return.

And so from my evil,
I do heed,
I repent!

Zechariah 1:1-6:8

    Included in the Parade of
Prophets Zechariah collection.

by J Alan R
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