No Cape to Unfurl

No cape to unfurl,
  to open to the wind,
No mask to don,
  to hide one's identity,
No tights to wear,
  to enhance reality,
Superheroes for God
  don't run faster than
    speeding bullets,
  don't leap tall buildings
    in a single bound,
  and aren't stronger
    than locomotives,
They live to be like Jesus,
  engaged in an epic destiny:
    fighting dark forces,
      lifting a fallen planet,
        healing a broken world;
  possessing an identity 
    the world wants kept secret:
      being in Christ Jesus,  
        empowered by the Holy Spirit,
          doing only the will of God;
  fighting an arch enemy:
    he who has many names,
      Satan, Abaddon, Lucifer,
        The Accuser, The Deceiver,
          The Devil, The Father of Lies;
  accessing powers beyond
    those of carnal men:
      supernatural powers to 
        nourish for every battle,
          to heal when wounded, 
           to overcome all temptation;
  working together, as part
    of a unified team:
      God, Father, Son and Spirit,
        and legions of brothers and sisters,
          bound together in a never ending love;
  and in faith knowing, victory
    is already ours:
     and though invincible we are not,
      in the end, good triumphs over bad,
       in all things we conquer through Him
        who loves us, and from Whom we will
          never be separated again.

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by J Alan R
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