No Matter How Things Look

Bigger than the sky,
On chariots and horses
     You ride,
Bow in hand and
     arrows at the ready,
Spear all aglitter,
Your glory
     is the heavens.

Your brightness
     greater than light,
Rays flashing
     from your hands,
Beams racing
     from your eyes,
You stand above and come
     to measure the earth...

Before the nations startle,
Before the lands tremble,
Before the mountains scatter,
Before the hills bow down,
Before the rivers run away,
Before the seas
     to the depths retreat,
Lord, please!
     remember mercy,
And spare us
     the judgement of your sighs.

Was it the rivers
     who angered you?
Was it the sea?
Did the mountains offend?
Or was it Your children?
With salvation held aloft,
     You struck the house
          of the wicked,
Laying it bare to
     a molten foundation.

Though the fig tree
     may not blossom,
No fruit may
     come from the vine,
Olive oil may not flow
     from Gethsemane,
Fields of wheat
     may yield no bread,
The flock may be
     cut off from the fold,
And no cattle may
     stand in the stalls,
We will still rejoice!
In You,
The God of our salvation,
Our strength.
You we will embrace,
And cling to You,
No matter how things look.

We will live by faith.

Habakkuk 3

Included in the Parade of
Prophets 9 collection.

by J Alan R
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