His Knowing Nod

On my mark!
Get set!
And it's go, go, go!
A bat out of hell
And always the promise of a really big show:
Loud pows with glittery tails
Chasing the dark high and bright,
Static crackles and a big kaboom,
Stars upon stars flood the night, 
With oohs and aahs all around, 
Before the end
And dearly spent,
As usual,
The show ends, and
Only silence
And smoke
Curl up 
On the ground.

That's me--
All sizzle and fizzle
Too fast too soon
Too soon too fast,
And always on my own,
The only true glory found
For this child of God
Is in Him
And His knowing nod.
On His mark!
Get set!

Romans 8:1-17

by J Alan R

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