Not For, But From

The pride monsters
  lurking in my shadows,
Tell me what's real
  is what I must earn,
    what I can do on my own
      wages, and prizes, rewards too
        nothing truly worthwhile is ever free.
I can still hear their echo:
  "Gifts come with strings not
     just attached, but tightened
      around your naive little neck."
When I tell them to go away,
  they say no and just talk back,
    we don't lie, you're such the fool.

Finally, at wits end, I hear a whisper
  like the wind swirling deep, deep within:
    "The only way is to turn to Him.
      In Jesus Christ alone is sure victory.
        You must pray; tho' not for, but from."

Dear Lord!
Pride goes before a fall.
Pride goes before destruction.
Pride is the root of all life's rubble.
And even worse, the man of pride is
  out of fellowship with God.
Like you cleansed His temple,
  turn the tables of the pride in me.
Chase the proud changers
  to the exits forever and ever out.
Your Spirit lives in this house,
  make it holy like God so wants it.
I declare this very day, in You,
  in Your love, name, and such power,
    all signs of pride that inhabit me and
      render me contentious, be so scattered
        to the earth's violent winds that
          quarrel in no longer possible.
I thank You for Your everlasting "Yes"
  to all promises made through You
    as my Savior and Lord. Amen.

Proverbs 11:2, 16:18, 28:25
Matthew 21:12-17

by J Alan R
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