Oceans and Mountains Obey

Ocean waves are made
   to roar toward sandy shores,
But with His hand marking
   where all waves must stop,
God gives the command:
   Only this far may you come!
And they obey and recede
  returning to the foamy wash.

Mountain tops are made
   to rocket up into lofty skies,
But with His hand showing
   where all peaks must stop,
God gives the command:
   Only this high may you rise!
And they obey and settle
   for shaping vast horizons.

Earth's people are made to
   to follow and obey God's will,
But even with His Holy law
   so written, & etched in stone,
Though God commands:
   My rules you must so keep!
Many choose to disobey,
   making themselves to be God.

What is it all creation knows
   that people don’t quite fathom?
No matter the will of self,
   no matter the effort to deny,
Jesus is the King of kings
   and no self-coronation will
Ever change that very fact,
   unseating Him from His throne.

by J Alan R
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