Only He Can Deliver

I cry out the word of the Lord
To ears that hear
     what they want
          to hear,
And tongues that mock
     what I speak
          every day.
Lord, I am but a man
     who hurts, so
          I close my mouth
To say nothing more
     to silence the voices
          to stop the pain.

But your word burns hot in me.
It rattles my bones.
     I tire of holding it in,
          but in the end,
               I cannot.
I must sing to the Lord!
     I must praise Him!
          only He can deliver me
               from hands that seek
                    to slap me silent.*

Jeremiah 20
1 Corinthians 1:21

*I can relate somewhat to Jeremiah's lament
that God has him share His word through unpopular
prophecy, and to those who toil in pulpits sharing
His word through the foolishness of preaching, as I
have been tasked with the ministry of sharing God's
word through the oft derided vehicle of poetry.
Who listens to prophecy?
Who listens to preaching?
Who reads poetry?
The answer, no matter how unpopular the means,
is...ears, hearts, minds and souls who God has
prepared to hear.
by J Alan R
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