Only in His Name

Along the trail of this earth's light,
Bends, one right, one left, silent stood;
Which do I take I thought to myself,
But knew God would show the good.

I have followed God for all this time,
Forsaking other calls to this very day,
Never sorry for staying the course,
I asked like always, God, which way?

Indeed, I peeked as far as I dared
Down each bend, to see what's ahead,
While waiting for God to answer me,
Knowing I would only go as He so led.

Someday I will look back and see true
The trail down which He led my feet
Was meant only for a walk like mine,
And choosing made His joy complete.

I am telling you this now with a smile,
Knowing you might be doing the same
Two bends in my trail have emerged,
But I already know I must only go so...
     in His Name.

*Thank you Robert Frost for showing how the
world sees our choices (‘The Road Not Taken’),
but more I thank you God for showing those of
us whom you love and who love You the way we
should go.
by J Alan R
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