Our Fruit

Embrace or no,
I am the Lord your God!
And because My love
     will not end,
I will make you dwell in tents again.
I will leave in heaps your bloody
I will leave the stains of bloodshed
     upon your clothes.
You will remember,
And know no other Savior.
Your help comes from Me, alone.
I am the One and Only!
I am your King!
Where is any other?
Say to Me:
Take away our sin.
Receive us with grace.
Horses we will not ride.
Our own hands we will
     no longer praise.
Be merciful to us,
     the fatherless.
Shadow us by your branches
     like an olive tree.
Our fruit is found in You.

Hosea 12:9-14; 13:4,9,10; and 14

Included in the Parade
of Prophets 5 collection.

by J Alan R
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