Parade of Prophets 1: Obadiah


Higher than any kite you fly
High and higher into the sky
By a string let out by you. 
Your pride says what to do.
Child so so full of yourself,
No one can bring you down,
But you forget the string is mine.
You will crash upon the ground.

Obadiah 1-21

What Kind of Brother

What kind of brother
Stands by silently when
     your gates are breached,
Ignores your cries for help
     when you're taken captive,
Casts lots for your property
     and livestock as well,
Blocks all known city exits,
     preventing your escape,
And turns you in when caught,
     a prisoner in your own land.
What kind of brother, indeed!
Rejoices when your brother
          walks in distress,
Sings songs of happiness
     when you stumble,
And looks forward to the day
     when you fall
          flat on your face.

What kind of brother, you ask?
One who longs for the day
     it will be as though
          you had never been.
Shame shall cover you.
And as you have done to others,
     it will be done to you.

Obadiah 10-16

A Savior Shall Come

As one mountain's feet crumble
     and is leveled to the ground,
Another's eager hands reach
     for the clouds in the sky,
So holiness may again shine,
     a new horizon's silhouette.
Then a Savior shall come.
The prominence of one brother
     will give way to the other,
While the former will drink deep,
     and do so without end,
So the latter may stoke the fires
     of Zion's final deliverance.
Then a Savior shall come.
Judged will be the mountains,
     present and are no more;
Possessed will be the fields,
     lowland and valley alike;
And the children of God will
     come crying in the wilderness.
Then a Savior shall come.

Obadiah 15-21

by J Alan R
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