Heavenly Peace*

And what of the boy
    who played priest,
    who listened to siblings
         confess their sins,
    who declared neighbors
         both man and wife,
    who presided over the passing
         of family pets,
    and who delivered sermons
         to imaginary churches?

What of the boy
     who was named 'Heavenly Peace'
     who was anything but
          and most oft to blame,
    who had a heart after God's
          but strayed far away,
    who built up a calice of sin
          that made short work of him,
    but whose desire never left
          to tell about God?

So what of that boy
    who played priest?
The quick and the short, you see is
He played teacher too
    and he taught a few lessons,
But God had him write poems
    with precious little rhyme,
For you and me
    and that's been his ministry. 

Jeremiah 29:11 "I know the plans I have for you..."

*Jeffrey means 'Heavenly Peace'

 by J Alan R

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