Oh foolish ones,
You who have eyes
     but do not see,
You who have ears
     but do not hear,
Your sins have withheld
     good from you.

Oh poor children,
You are stricken,
     but do not grieve.
You are consumed,
     but refuse correction.
You know the truth,
     but won't live it.

Oh sinful people,
You have grown rich,
     sold out by deceit.
You have grown fat,
     at other's expense.
You are all mighty,
     in your own eyes.

You cannot see lions
     licking their chops.
You know not wolves
     panting for blood.
You do not hear leopards
     growling for more.

Just as you have forsaken Me,
For a time I will forsake you
Until you tremble once again
And fear the Lord your God.

Jeremiah 5

by J Alan R
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