Come On Let's Play!

Dad, can you teach me to play?
Will you show me the way?

Like this, my child, like this:
And Jesus began to wash their feet,
Wiping them dry, so no one would miss.

This too, my dear, this as well:
And Jesus began to pray
"Our Father, Who art in heaven..."
Like this, like my Son, I say.

And this, my little one, the last not least:
And Jesus said there's no greater love
Than to die for a friend,
And then He did,
Making a new beginning from an end.

Gee, thanks Dad! It's Jesus! Hurray!
Come on let's play!

John 13:7 & 12-17; 14: 6-7;
15:12-17; and 19:30
Matthew 6:5-14

 by J Alan R

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