Praying is Losing

In our flesh
     we know not what or how
          to pray,
But the Spirit
     who lives within
          takes to His knees
               on our behalf,
                    knowing full well
                         the will of Him
                              to whom we

Honest flesh
     knows enough to stand down
          when in prayer,
So the Spirit
     may freely aid us
          in our weakness
               with sighs and groans
                    too deep for words
                         to convey.

The flesh must lose
     so the Spirit may gain.
Not our will,
     but God's be done.
We pray not
     so much to gain,
But to lose those
     that remain
Obstacles to His
     holy reign.

Praying is losing
     to bring glory
          to His name.

Romans 8:26-27
Luke 22:42

by J Alan R
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