More than a hovering
over the earth,
formless and empty,
More than a voice
still and small,
guiding the faithful,
More than a dove
alighting upon the
baptized Savior,
More than a rushing
mighty wind in
Pentecostal hearts,
More than a helper
to remind us always
what Jesus said,
And more than groanings
in us when we know
not what to pray.

The presence of God
like a heavy blanket
that warms our parts,
like a rushing river
that cleans our souls,
like a long hug
that stills our shaking.
The presence of God
the Holy Spirit
with us, in us
the Spirit of the Father
drawn near
the Spirit of the Truth
every step of the Way.
The presence of God
knowing Someone
greater is here,
His holiness makes us
more than cry,
And love like no other
makes us wonder why.

Matthew 28:19-20
John 14:15-18, 25-26
John 15:26; 16:7
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Romans 8:9-11, 14-17
Romans 26-27; 15:13
Ephesians 3:16-17; 4:30
Galatians 5:25
1 Thessalonians 1:1

by J Alan R

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