A baker's apron
A carpenter's blue jeans
And a nurse's scrubs,
Make for perfectly good
Eternity-go-to-meetin' clothes
For when Jesus comes
To take us home.

But it's not all about
What we're a doin'
When those clouds roll in,
But also how bound
To a life in Him we've been
And ready all the while
To fly away with Him.

Mark 13:37
"...I say to all: Watch!"

Matthew 16:1-3
"...discern the signs of the

Luke 12:35-36
"Be dressed ready for service
and keep your lamps burning
...so that when the Master knocks
they can immediately open the
door for Him."

*thanks to both W.H. Davis and
Joseph S. Exell for image

"...the smith's apron, the baker's
cap, the labourer's blue jeans,
and the housewife's gown are all
suitable material for ascension
robes." -W.H. Davis

"We must not only feel bound but
also feel disposed to do the will
of God." -J.S. Exell

by J Alan R

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