Ripe for the Taking
...and Eating
You can trail behind
And see more than
        where a man of God's been.
Those Christ lives within
        leave evidence invisible,
             not like litter on the ground,
But like fruit on a vine or branch,*
        ripe for the taking...and eating
             as we strive to follow
                  in their footsteps.

Love is a strawberry bunch,
        hanging in there together.
Joy is a watermelon whose juicy
        brings a smile to any face.
Peace is a cherry, calming
        in its store of oxidants.
Patience is a pomegranate, as
        it's the only way to eat it.
Kindness is a coconut, with
        its 101 helpful uses.
Goodness is an orange chocked
        with nutritious Vitamin C.
Faithfulness is an apple, so reliable
        it made gravity true.
Gentleness is a banana, which
        requires handling with care.
And self-control is a starfruit, oh
        so often so hard to come by.

2 Corinthians 5:17
Hebrews 11:1
Galatians 5:22-23

*hypothetical fruit comparisons by
Tristen Coffee, in "If the Fruit of
the Spirit Were Actual Fruit"
(adapted poetically)

by J Alan R
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