Says the Lord

How helpless must one be
When the time for a baby's birth comes,
But the mother has no strength
     to bring it forth?

How helpless must one be
When a platter of food is set on the table,
But the starving man has no strength
     to lift a fork?

How helpless must one be
When a robber is at the front door,
But the homeowner has not the strength
     to turn the lock?

Helpless is as helpless can be,
When a sword pricks your throat,
And you have not the strength
     to even pray.

Perhaps God will see the sword
     while it rests still in its sheath,
Or hear the unborn baby
     who has not yet begun to cry,
And will rescue the most helpless
     at least for His own sake?

Says the Lord,
     I will defend my own,
          to save them,
               if not for theirs,
                    but My own sake.

Isaiah 37

by J Alan R
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