Secret Saints
We are many legion
believing oh so deep
and trusting even more
the Almighty One us keep,
but who would ever even know
since we've never truly said it so.

We stand at the ready
to march so bravely ahead
to wage His holy war
against all the devil's dread,
but how could others be aware
when we've never really sought to share.

We wait in armor full
belts, sandals, cinched up tight
helmets, shields, breastplates set
spirited swords held aright,
but what could any soul behold
as we've never actually told.

And so now we pray.
before the fight is over
before His victory throne,
may His courage us cover,
for it's not too late to see
all secret saints hailing Thee.

John 19:38, 12:42, 43
Matthew 10:32

by J Alan R

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