What the Servant Saw

I made ready the Last Supper's room,
and as I waited outside, yet near
I heard the Master finally say:
"Arise, let us go from here."

And one by one, following Him
out into the night growing blacker
they sang over and again:
"His mercy endures forever."

Then I went in to clean up,
but in the remants of that final feast
I knew at once I had to follow too
to see where they would go, at least.

All around the edge of the table
where Jesus and His disciples sat
broken crumbs of bread soaked
in tear-like drops of red, red wine,
and trailed out the door into the night,
a subtle calling so sublime.

I carried the water pitcher earlier that day,
showing the way to that last earthly meal,
but it was Jesus who carried me later that eve,
showing me the way, and I too sang of His.eternal deal.

John 14:31b, Psalms 118, Mark 14:13

by J Alan R

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