Shaking the Sheaves

It is time for shaking the sheaves.¹

Having been hauled to the threshing floor,
each sheave is held aloft with two hands,
ready to shake precious grain from husks.
In a dance divine, many kernels are set free
by twirling the sheaves round and round,
steps only a true enthusiast could perform,
one's heart in harmony with God, the norm.

It is time for shaking the sheaves.

Wanting only to delight my one true Lord,
to commit my way of life as only He wills,
ready for godly desires to be shaken free,
cast away all that would keep us apart.
Spin from me any You would not want.
It is the early night; gentle breezes blow,
from here on out You are all I want to know.

Psalm 37:1-6
John 4:35

¹gol, Hebrew, 'twirling wheat,' was an
agricultural term used by ancient Jewish
farmers who would, in addition to shaking
sheaves of wheat, would twirl the wheat
around in a circular motion, to cast off
grains from husks

²inspired by the writing of Chaim Bentorah,
Biblical Hebrew Studies

by J Alan R
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