Sheep Seek a Shepherd

Sheep seek a shepherd,
    but will first follow the flock,
         roaming to and fro, even so
              off a cliff if the others should go.
They hear the shepherd's commands,
    but not always with understanding.
They see the shepherd's signals,
    but not always with perceiving.
They seek knowledge, and they get it,
    but fall far short of the ends of things.

Trouble is coming in sheep's clothing,
    but the sheep don’t see it yet.
Though the storm gathers overhead
    they still wonder why they're wet.
They see not the divide in the flock;
    some to more grass, some to debt.
Sheep seek a shepherd,
    but oh so many will find Him not;
        some will see His ready staff,
             the rest will turn away and laugh.

Daniel 12
Isaiah 6:9

by J Alan R
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