Ship Fires

When a boat hatch blows
And a white plume of smoke is visible...
A deck hand might call out
     for a hose.

When grease in a galley flames
And smoke begins to billow...
A first mate at the ready with
     a handheld he aims.

When fire roars away from the slip
And fills a bridge with choking smoke...
A captain may well order:
     "Abandon ship!"

When likewise fires arise in a marriage
When differences into flames do burst
When incompatibilities set an entire
     ship afire
There's to be no jumping ship.

Such hardships appear
     they are to be endured.
Such opportunities arise
     they can stretch us.
Such difficult times come up
     they can instead be used by God
          to make us more holy in Him.

They can be instead...
Smoke to work through,
Flames to communicate about,
Fires to put out,

They can teach us...
How to be more passionate,
How to be more sensitive,
How to be more humble,
     with one another.

They can remind us...
To turn to God for help,
To call more on Him in prayer,
To be clinging more to
     His loving embrace.

Amos 3:3
Isaiah 43:2
Romans 5:3-5
Psalm 91:15
John 15:5

by J Alan R
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