Side-by-Side Walking

As beings eternal,
     born for eternal life,
          but separated from it
               for eternity,
We can get it back,
     and live it abundantly,
          if only we know full well
               the divinity.
Eternal life is knowing
     the reality of our sinning ways,
     that our sin separates us from God,
     that God made a way to be with Him
     we must believe in God and the Christ
          He sent,
     we must believe in the sacrifice
          the Christ made,
     we must believe in the resurrection
          of the Christ,
     and we must be-live¹ with the Spirit
          of God put in us.
We must come to know You,
     not just about You;
We must fully know You,
     not just of You.
Eternal life is inheriting access
     to the kingdom of God;
Eternal life is side-by-side² walking
     with the King in His kingdom
          once again.
And in this knowing,
     such glorious living,
          can now and forever,

John 3:16-17, 17:3, 8:32
1 John 2:2, 4:8
Genesis 3:8

¹living for/obeying the Christ in the
power of the Holy Spirit

²inspired by Natalie Regoli, writing
for ConnectUs, July 29, 2020

by J Alan R
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