Can you hear it,
     the world sighing,
          a heavy breath of
Can you see it,
     its head lowering,
          an unwelcome of
               the end?
Gridiron greats
     giving credit to God,
Cinematic celebrities
     praising the Lord,
Even political pundits
     saying Jesus' name,
Weary this world's prince,
     his dismay so audible,
          his head hung so low,
But only for a minute,
     then, his resolve is redoubled,
          and he's back at it all over again.
Guard there are no sighs,
     brothers and sisters true,
          from this side of eternity,
               only credit where it's due.┬╣

┬╣inspired by a terracotta bust from 1761
by French sculptor Augustin Pajou.

by J Alan R
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