Signs of Hope and Faith

Dark and ghoulish skies stand and stare,
A wall of cloud comes from nowhere West,
The gates of hail open and pour full down,
While wicked winds whip where they will.

Sirens blare, warning all who can hear:
Run for cover, if you can, safe far below!
A tornado's heart beats not at all! Beware!

Then there is a pausing, feigning merciful
Before abruptly roaring: Too late! I'm here!

And in that momentary silence, a piano
Plays, and a lone voice sings in the still:
Guard me God in the eye of this storm.

Then the tail of the devil touches down,
And all the hell it can muster breaks loose,
A hurried darkness howls: all be damned.

                            .  .  .

Hours later, for many hundreds of miles,
All is deathly still and silent once again,
Save for the faint cries beneath the debris.

Highways crawl broken in every direction
Through a scattered litter land, homes
Flattened and businesses too, stomped
By an unseen giant who cared not a wit,
Sideways cars’ wheels spin madly on,
Derailed freight-trains lie belly up as far
As the eye can see, gas wells blaze, lines
Electric crackle, sparking hell's fire upon
Uprooted trees and limp limbs, caved
Roofs and walls collapsed and standing
Like decks of cards shielding scores of
Dead rag dolls strewn with blind wanton
In graves unmarked by any human hand.

Yet in the midst of towns no more, a cross
Still stands at the front of one wee church,
Reminding remaining hearts and minds:
True faith requires no windows or walls.

Then the hands and feet of Jesus Himself
Dug for survivors and prayed over the
Dead, wrapped blankets around shivering
Shoulders, fed the hungry, provided water
To the thirsty, and tended to the sound...

Signs of hope and faith in a wannabe hell.

Psalm 23
John 16:33
Romans 8:39
Hebrews 14:15-16

by J Alan R
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