Ever Since

He came once
His sword held high
to slay 
the evil and the wicked.

And ever since
the mountains
have stood in awe,
and the rivers
clapped in thanks.

He came
His heart pounding so
to heal
the blind and the lame.

And ever since
the seas
have cheered with joy,
and the trees
saluted in honor.

He came
His Word at the ready
to save
men and women alike.

And ever since
the sky 
has held out its arms in praise, 
and the valleys
bowed low in respect.

He comes again
His gavel held aright
to judge
the living and the dead.

And all the earth
joyfully awaits
His blessed return
as it has 
ever since.

Psalm 97 and 98

 by J Alan R

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