Sing Out!

Sing out, daughter of man!
     though you are unmarried,
          your Maker is your husband,
     though your womb is barren,
          your children will fill the earth,
     though you are widowed,
          you will find comfort
               in the arms of your Lord.

Sing out, children of exile!
     though you are homeless,
          sapphires will be your foundation,
     though you have no refuge,
          precious stones will be your walls,
     though you have no protection,
          rubies will be your ceiling,
               and crystal your gates.

Sing out, children of the defenseless!
     though you have many enemies,
          a secret warrior protects you,
     though you have no weapons,
          a blacksmith makes them for you,
     though you have no defense,
          judgements will be condemned.

Sing out! Do not be ashamed!
Sing out! Do not be afflicted!
Sing out! Do not be afraid!

This is the future of the servants of God.
This is the heritage of those who believe.

All you need is from Me.

Isaiah 54

by J Alan R
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