Small Things

A wisp of a cloud sails by,
A sunflower turns its face
     to the morning sky.

The lub-dup of a beating heart,
Young lovers promise:
     'til death do us part.

Small things
Like pitter and patter,
Small things
Don't seem to matter.

A door held open just for you,
A well-timed hello
     right out of the blue.

A mother yells:  rise and shine!
Helping hands reach out
     in the nick of time.

Small things
Just to let us know,
Small things
Not just for show.

A baby's cry fills a hospital's halls,
A coyote's howl echoes
     down a canyon's walls.

Waves gently lap at a sandy bank,
With every breath we breathe
     we've only God to thank.

Small things
Show He's really here,
Small things
And oh so near.

Leaves turn an autumn brown,
A kernel of ready wheat
     falls to the ground.

A still, small voice calls: walk this way,
A newborn soul steps
     into a brand new day.

Small things
Who would despise,
Small things
They're each God's size.

Things that seem like nothing
Are really quite something,
Not mere woof and whim
But pure evidence of Him.

Zechariah 4:10

by J Alan R

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