So Small

Imagine standing at the foot of Everest,
     telling it to bend down to see its peak.
Would it oblige and show its highest point?
Of course not!

Imagine standing on the shore of the Pacific,
     telling it to rise up to see its deepest floor.
Would it indulge and reveal its lowest point?
Certainly not!

Imagine standing beneath the fullest moon,
     telling it to come near to see its craters.
Would it engage and bare its deepest basin?
Definitely not!

Is it any different trying to pull God down,
     telling Him to talk face-to-face?
Is it any different looking up into the sky,
     telling God He’s not really there?
Is it any different knowing God is real,
    telling Him we can do this on our own?

You know the answer,
But unlike mountains, seas and moons,
God stepped down
     from His throne as maker of all,
God listens to our cries
     and they indeed break His heart,
God Himself paid for our sins
     and endured our punishment.

God's not so small.¹

Isaiah 40:28, 55:8-9
Job 26:14
Psalms 8:3-4, 147:5

¹inspired by Natalie Grant's "King of the World"

by J Alan R
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