So They Could Be Something

What kind of God
     loves His wayward creation so much
          He not only made a way for His own
               to find their way back home to Him,
                    He sacrificed Himself and all He was
                         to be the way, the only way, to atone?
What kind of God
     loves His sinful subjects so much
          He would set aside his kingly crown
       And step down from His lofty throne
                   and all His universal and royal power
                        so in their struggles would not be alone?
What kind of God
     loves His lost lambs so much
          He would make Himself His creation,
               beginning life as a vulnerable embryo,
                    and living the life of His own lowly flock,
                         to personally be there to shepherd them?
What kind of God
     loves His churlish children oh so much
          He'd go so far as to make Himself nothing,
               even taking on the punishment of their sins,
                    then rising from the dark and damp of death
                         to be re-born, so they could be something
                              once again?

Philippians 2:7

by J Alan R
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