Something Broke Inside

Something broke inside,
Not an expensive vase
     like in a house,
But like something
     I can't fix by myself
          and really deep beside.

Something broke inside.
It might have been something
     that needed breaking,
Or something that should never,
     not like a hope or a dream,
          something I can't override.

Something broke inside.
Funny thing is true, though,
     I don't want to fix it,
I am not sure I even want to try,
     it hurts so so much,
          I just can't decide.

Something broke inside.
Should I leave well enough,
     or run away and hide?
Strange, my inside does know
     somehow this is a job for only
          He in whom I abide.

Something broke inside.
Please heal me, dear Lord
     or in your Grace let it ride.

1 Peter 5:10
Psalm 34:17-20; 51:10
Exodus 14:14
1 Peter 5:7

by J Alan R
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