As early as the dark of womb
I started swimming for the light,
Leaving things more than scary
And tell-tale drops behind
On the slick delivery-room tile.

When bigguns in stalls hid
To put me in wet toilet holes,
I mad dashed for the light,
Leaving yellow drips behind
Out the boys' bathroom door.

My first Dear John took my air
And for my next very breath
I walked the city of self-pity,
Lost and wanting to be found,
Leaving behind a trail of tears.

That's when I began to paint,
Journeys all from dark to light
I could muster with but a brush,
But in the bottom corner left
My runs I found still had legs.

It wasn't until dark Calvary
The light for me did shine,
I could still see clear as day
Spattered on the dusty rocks,
The blood Jesus left behind.

Hebrews 9:14

by J Alan R
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