Spirit Jar

Jesus said to the woman at Jacob's well:
All who thirst and drink from this well
Will be thirsty again and again and again.
But whoever drinks of the Living Water
Will satisfy his thirst for good. 

For this Living Water once deep within
Will become a spring of water, welling up,
Flowing, bubbling inside, and pouring out.
And whoever drinks from the Anointed
Will satisfy his thirst for God. 

Then the woman left there her water jar. 
And though she would need still to return
To fill each day with water her earthen jar,
She now knew from Whom she could draw
Water to forever fill her spirit jar.¹

John 4:1-42

¹"...the woman (at the well) left her water
jar" is a call to action my friends, should
we do the same, no less?

by J Alan R
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