What the Spirit
Let him who can see
What the Spirit sees:
He whom the Lord loved
Looked and beheld
A throne set in heaven
And One who sat on that throne
Like Jasper and Sardis
All alone.

"...a rainbow encircled the throne..."

Let him who can hear
What the Spirit hears:
He whom the Lord loved
Listened and heard
Lightning and thundering
From heaven's throne
And voices, too
Not one alone.

"...before the throne was a sea of glass..."

Let him whose heart feels
What the Spirit feels:
The heart of Him who the Lord loved
Wept and cried
Tears of joy as well
Because on the same throne
The Lamb of God's love
Oh, so shone.

"...all fell down, singing 'Holy, holy, holy..."

Revelation 4 and 5

by J Alan R

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