Steps on the Dance Floor

Ancient dance partners,
   having been wallflowers for
      far, far too long,
Enter the dance floor
   once again with great fanfare,
      and they embrace.
After the first twirl
   before all guests assembled there,
      the dancers then kiss.
Estranged long, long ago,
   but now together, there is peace
      in the hall again.

God extends its hand,
  steadfast love, truth and faithfulness,
    down from the heavens,
And His own reach
  upward from the earth
    for a peace newfound.

God gives only what is good,
  as He has left steps on the dance floor
    for us to follow.

Psalm 85
Isaiah 32:17
Luke 2:14
Romans 5:1, 10:9-11
Ephesians 2:8-9

by J Alan R
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