Strange Work
Strange work
strange indeed.

must be ground
to make bread,
and the Lord will rise up
He will do it.

must be pressed
to make wine,
and the Lord will do the work
the task is His.

must be felled
to make a house,
and the Lord will see to it
board by board.

must be buried
to make a flower,
and the Lord will perform it
watering day and night.

must be broken
to make a trail,
and the Lord will lead the way
crumb by crumb.

must be shed
to make peace,
and the Lord will give of His
poured out for eternity.

Strange work
strange indeed.

Thanks be to God
such work
will not go on forever,
but in due time
at just the right time
hard hearts will be softened
blind eyes will see
and closed minds will be opened.

Strange work indeed.

Isaiah 28: 21-29

by J Alan R

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