Stretched Out

One hand of God,
     that of righteous wrath,
Is stretched out still.
Woe to those
     who reject His law
     who do not turn to Him
     who prey on the weak.
It will still smite.

The other hand,
     that of gracious mercy,
Is stretched out as well.
Blessed be those
     who accept His Son
     who believe in Him
     who love one another.
It will lift up instead.

With His hands stretched out,
There were two with Him at Calvary,
One on His left, the other on His right,
When He said to the one who feared God:
"This day you will be with Me in Paradise."

Isaiah 5:25, 9: 6-7, 9:12c, and 11
Luke 23:39-43

by J Alan R
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