Strong Arms
Simon says:
Never will my arms
     fail to haul in a net of fish. 
Never will my hands
     fail to fight for a friend. 
Never will my feet
     fail to run to help a stranger. 

Simon confesses:
The truth is more like ever,
I am not the rock I think I am. 

Peter proclaims:
Jesus is the Rock...alone
And upon Him we must build. 

Peter says:
Never will His strong arms
     fail to hold us up. 
Never will His healing hands
     fail to make us whole. 
Never will His forever heart
     fail to love us into eternity.

And Jesus says:
Forever will my outstretched arms
     redeem you. 
Forever will my heavenly hands
     untie your bonds. 
Forever will my merciful love 
     set you free. 

Exodus 6:1-8
Matthew 16: 13-20, 28:20

by J Alan R

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