taleh katan

a shepherd bends down
     to pick up his young lambs,
and in his arms he holds them
     and in their ears he sings
           a soft lullaby:

"taleh katan¹, taleh katan
I am here,
taleh katan, taleh katan
I am always near,
taleh katan, taleh katan
I will never leave you,
taleh katan, taleh katan
Nor will I forsake you,
taleh katan, taleh katan
Don’t you know?
taleh katan, taleh katan
How I love you so."

a shepherd's lambs
     leap into his waiting arms,
and near his beating heart,
     in their ears they hear,
          a voice they cannot

does not our Good Shepherd do the same?
carrying us close until His voice is clear,
chasing away our each and every fear.

John 10:1-18
Romans 8:5-16

¹'taleh katan' means 'little lamb' (When just
young lambs, shepherds in the Holy Land pick
them up and hold them, calling out their name
and singing simple songs of comfort...this is
how they learn to know the shepherd's voice.

by J Alan R
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