Tell It to What is Still Dark

The Word must not grow
     dim in our hearts.
Our forefathers shared
     so it would not,
And we must do likewise
     so the next will know.

The Word became flesh
     and lived amongst us.
The Word, the light of men,
     shined in the darkness.
And the Word showed us
     the way back home.

So God's own will never
     forget His great works,
So they may always keep
     His commandments,
So generations to come
     will have hope in Him,

We must face the emptiness
     that stands before us,
We must make known all
     that would be unknown,
And we must in forever faith
     tell it to what is still dark.

Psalm 78:5-8
John 1:3-5 and 14:6

by J Alan R
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