Ten, Two and Four

One of Pa's closest friends
     at ten, two and four¹ every day,
A cold Dr. Pepper,
     one for each hand if he had his way.

A tonic for the brain
     a quick pick-me-up for the road,
The king of soda pops,
     just the thing to help carry the load.

I can see his ice chest now
     a bed of ice for a six-pack plus,
The world's oldest soft drink,
     but for Pa, a taste that's just fabulous.

For Pa on Fathers' Day, 2022

¹On the original bottles Dr. Pepper came in,
it showed a clock-like image with the numbers
10, 2 and 4, representing the times of the day
to a break and a crack open another Dr. Pepper

by J Alan R
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