That Light Shines at All

That light shines at all
     means God's here.
That good is ever done
     means He's present.
That love is still shared
     means He's around.

Besides lights in the sky,
     front porch lights more than
          welcome folks back home, they
               show we're not alone.
And when we look behind
     a flashlight lighting the way,
          we see His hand holding it tight.
His absence would leave us
     in the dark.

Besides helping old folks
     safely across busy streets,
          who else would remind us to
               pray for the sick?
And when we sense someone
     needs a hug or a listening ear,
          it's His presence that does it.
His absence would leave us
     in the bad.

Besides His word in the Bible,
     how is it our hearts find a way
          to tell our enemies we love them
               just like He does?
And when sacrifice is needed,
     even and ever unconditionally,
          we know He did it for us before.
His absence would leave us
     in the hate.

Truth be told, basic fact
     His absence would mean
          now we really are all alone.

Psalm 36:9
Matthew 28:20

by J Alan R
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