That's Enough for Me

It's not the wind, you explain, you see,
     but leaves flapping high in a tree,
     dust devils spinning wildly, oh my,
     or clouds racing across the sky,
          mere hints of wind,
And that's enough for me.

It's not love, you tell us, you see,
     but holding hands tight, lovely,
     sending flowers for no reason,
     or sharing an umbrella in season,
          brief traces of love,
And that's enough for me.

It's not God, you say, you see,
     feelings of joy when none's to be,
     knowing somehow which way to go
     finding strength when mine won't show,
          scant signs of Him,
But that's enough for me.

Psalms 16:8-11; 21:6
Psalms 89:15; 90:8
Psalms 31:20; 46:1
Psalm 145:18
Isaiah 41:10
Matthew 11:28
Acts 3:19
Romans 15:33
Philippians 4:9
James 4:8
Hebrews 13:5

by J Alan R
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