The Antidote for Saudade*

The garden tomb was empty,
But that didn't mean
     Jesus wasn't still here.
Footprints left in the dust
     atop cloudy Olivet,
Didn't mean our Lord
     was no longer near.
The breakfast coals
     on Galilee's sandy shore
          burn hot still there.
And the promised Spirit,
     though no longer flickers
          visible over said heads,
God's flame speaks volumes,
     still pouring from our hearts,
Reminding us, as He said:
     "...and lo, I am with you
          even to the end of the age."

Matthew 28:1-20
Acts 1-2
John 21:1-14

*Saudade is deep emotional state of
melancholic longing for a person or
thing that is absent, a bittersweet
feeling of longing for a loved person
who is gone.

    See this poem @ His Newsman

by J Alan R
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