The Arrow's Tip

It is almost time 
     to let the arrow fly,
A kairos moment
     does draw nigh.
The archer waits,
     pulling full back
His sinewy string,
     bending his bow
So through the air
     its shaft will sing.

On archer we wait
     and not an hour
Do we find sleep,
     staying ever ready,
Watching for him
     the just right time,
When winds do blow
     for those inclined,
And God sets afire
     souls of Thine.

We ask the wind
     to stir our hearts,
To touch our lips
     to sing God praise;
May Your holy glory,
     the anointed time,
Come like a thief
     in the dark night,
But finding us ready,
     the arrow's tip.

Matthew 24:32-51
Matthew 26:40-45
Mark 1:14-15 
Luke 12:54-56 
John 3:8
Titus 1:4
Psalm 127

by J Alan R
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