The Bride Will be Kissed

Ready for the latter rain...
Plowed fields wait,
Oxen rest from yoke and goad,
All bagged seed in wagons sit,
     parked at every field's far edge,
And all farmhands adjust
      their shoulder straps to carry
           the weight of seed soon to fill
               up their deep leather satchels.
A wide broadcast
     must all seed be,
          every furrow full.

Watching the crops grow...
First the leaf blades
     push through the soil,
Next all heads
     rise and take shape,
And the kernels within
     ripen in welcome ears,
Then grain at the last,
     the sickle held high aloft
         will reap the harvest's best.
Grainfields wave
     for they know well
          the kingdom is near.

Storing for the wedding feast...
Cut stalks, gathered upon arms,
     borne by the strongest of these,
          and bound tightly into sheaves,
Marched to the threshing floor,
     then gleaned, winnowed and
          sifted to the last hint of chaff,
Only the granary awaited,
     and the plates for each guest.
In the end, there will be
     a yielding for ears that hear,
          and the bride will be kissed.

Mark 4:20-34
Jeremiah 50:16
Joel 2:23, 3:13
Psalm 129:7
Matthew 22:1-14

by J Alan R
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