The Carpenter's Apprentice

Not a fisherman, nor a vintner,
   or even a herder of sheep was He,
But born the son of a carpenter,
   a carpenter Jesus was meant to be.

Apprenticing under His father,
   Jesus learned the carpenter chore,
But upset His hometown when
   He claimed to be so much more.

Joseph taught his eldest son
   the art of dovetail and such joinery,
As well as mortise and tenon,
   and for this known understandably.

But when He taught so expertly,
   even doing miracles along the way,
His own relatives could not see
   past who they knew before that day.

What could this mere carpenter
   possibly have to say that we would
Follow Him instead of our priests?
   All we know is He is good with wood.

For even His own apprentices
   did not know it was this carpenter
Who would soon go to build a
   house for them in Heaven's forever.

From the carpenter's apprentice
   would many such apprentices come,
And from them would be even more.
   We are each so called, and then some.

Jesus set us like posts in this place,
   from which He builds up every frame.
Jesus bobbed us to vertical plumb,
   and then dedicated us all in His name.

We are to continue this tradition,
   performing whatever shaping needed.
Jesus was the first of many, and we
   never the last, must be so conceded.

Mark 6:1-6
Matthew 13:53-58
John 14:1-3

by J Alan R
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