The Face of Christ

"Seek My face!"
     said the Lord.
And I responded,
     "With all my heart!"

Now I know it,
     but only in part,
Though some day,
     I will in full. 

I see a reflection,
     as if in a mirror,
But I know soon,
     I will see Him alone.
It's mostly me
     still in there,
Looking back with
     sinful eyes. 

He's doing a work,
     changing me,
Not just face to face,
     but His for mine.

When His light
     shines through,
In my heart, only
     His face will be,
          in His glory full,
               all I need ever see.

The face of Christ,
     mine to be His,
The mysterious truth,
     the great hope, 
          for eternity.¹


Psalm 27:8
1 Corinthians 13:12, 15:51
2 Corinthians 3:8, 4:6,7
1 John 3:2

¹all along the way, from dimly
to clearly, you can see in some-
one's face they have been with
the Lord, freshly back from
talking with Him, walking with
Him, reading in His word, wor-
shiping Him, loving Him and
being loved by Him

²"I must decrease as Jesus must
increase." John 3:30

by J Alan R
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