The Highest Price

Brothers and sisters in
  Christ made free,
Whom deep within the
  Holy Spirit has trod,
And has loosed your
  tongue to speak truth,
Jesus is indeed your Lord,
  you know you believe,
Why would you silent be
  when glares threaten?
Why would you hesitate
  when fists are poised?
Why would you delay
  when knives are held?
Why would you wait
  when guns are pointed?
Why should admitting
  you believe feel so odd?
He alone is your God.

Peter believed, but
  in the chilly courtyard
    a cock crowed
When he denied Jesus
But then at Pentecost
  before a throng of
Peter risked the highest

What changed?

Matthew 10:32-39
Luke 22:54-62
Acts 2:14-36
Romans 1:16

by J Alan R
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